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We ensure that every touchpoint leaves a positive, memorable impression

incentric’s believe

make the future a little bit better by putting kindness and sincerity in every transaction

We believe that we can make the future a little bit better by putting kindness and sincerity in every transaction

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About incentric

We are a customer experience consultant dedicated to improving the overall satisfaction and happiness of our clients’ customers. Our team of experts are passionate about using their expertise in customer behavior and psychology to craft personalized experiences that leave a lasting impact.

By taking a holistic approach to customer experience, we ensure that every touchpoint leaves a positive, memorable impression. At our core, we believe that happy customers lead to a successful business.

Incentric Founder


- Founder EVAPORA
- Business Coach & Consultant
- Customer Experience Expert

Yana Sandhi

- Digital Marketing Trainer
- Service Culture Builder
(with 13 years experience at The Ritz Carlton)

We introduce you

Customer Experience Formula

Customer Experience Formula is a method of creating exceptional experiences that we provide to our customers, so that they not only receive products/services but also feel something different, making it a joyful moment when interacting with our products/services.

The Customer Experience Formula focuses on how we create and deliver exceptional experiences at each stage of marketing or AwarenessInteractionTransaction, and after-sales. And this cannot be achieved without a strong foundation, which is a culture we call Service Culture, where all members of our business are involved. This will be directly supported by good leadership.

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Service Culture

Service Culture or Service Culture will animate or influence all activities carried out by all teams at work. Therefore, Service Culture is the basis of the Customer Experience Formula.

Awareness Phase

Awareness phase is the stage of introducing our product/business to the target market or marketing stage, both online and offline.

Interaction Phase

Communication with potential consumers with the aim of building relationships (relationship) is the key to how we can provide a different and memorable experience with the "Story Selling" method.

Transaction Phase

Determine, assess and design memorable experiences in each phase of the customer journey or Customer Journey Map, starting from when you first arrive or contact us until you leave or the final stage in each transaction process.

After Sales Phase

Processing consumer data bases and creating designs or architecture to build continuous relationships with consumers (Customer Relationship Management/CRM) so that consumers will always feel cared for and get more benefits.


Formation of leaders who can direct and maintain the implementation of the program because the program will only run well with a good leader.

“To create excellent customer experience we have to combine creativity and kindness”

– Arisdiansah –

What Incentric Do

In-House Coaching

Our focus is to help customers build amazing customer experiences. and build excellent team through service culture.


We deliver value and knowledge to everyone who wiling to learn about customer experience and service culture

Online Learning Center

We to deliver value and knowledge to everyone who wiling to learn about customer experience and service culture, that can be access everywhere and anywhere

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